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Noavaran commercial Company was established in 2009 by management of Zarei Brothers. The perspective of the Noavaran Co. from the first step was to pursuit new ideas and new products. Thus, in year 2011 this company began to import Pilates equipment from China to Iran. Unfortunately, in that year, rarely anyone in Iran was aware of the Pilates machines. Therefore, the company was forced to re-export fifty sets of devices to Turkey. according to the field of work of the collection (mechanical engineering) as well as previous scientific knowledge, patents, honors and international medals obtained from the Switzerland and Germany by the management of the complex, the company start Reverse engineering of these machines by the preparation of a three-dimensional map (with SoildWork). Finally, in 2013 the first Hubertus branded Pilates equipment was manufactured in Iran. In 2017, this company has brought its products into massive state and has been operating on the inside and outside markets to sell the Pilates machines. As a matter of fact, having a huge bug between Iran and other countries currency values, Hubertus Pilates Company tried to alter this situation to a positive point. In a way, that produce high quality Pilates machine with half price.